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Midnight Drive - Original Music by ValieShy

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Hey there, fellow ponies! 


My name is ValieShy, and I'm an aspiring Brony musician. I used to go by the names Strat Attack, Valiant Venture, and Wonderbolt2187. I wanted to share an original song of mine with you all tonight. It's called "Midnight Drive," and is an electronic instrumental. It's pretty cheap, but it's mine. Heh...


So yeah, here it is. Hope you like it. If not, thanks for your time anyway. :)



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It's an ok listen...

Your bassline staled out after a short period of time. You need to work on varying your basslines after a certain phrase. Remember, electronic songs are arranged in phrases containing 8 bars, with each bar containing 4 beats. I suggest you start working with arpeggiated patterns, instead of sticking with the octaves. 

Additionally, you stuck to the G mixolydian mode in base key of C limiting yourself to the I and the I+sus4. You need to hook yourself up with a 4 or 8 chord progression. This way, your piece can have more flavor and vary. Rather than using G mixolydian, stick to G Major, as it's much easier to work with standard keys than modes of keys. Some progressions I suggest are:





That synth string sound could be swept out of the filter to add a hint of brightness to the piece. A thin backup plucked lead could also be used in addition to the synth strings. Better to run your strings with a polysynth than a monosynth. 

Your percussion also needs work. You need to focus on working with your phrases so you can change your beat around using fills. Fills can change things around and introduce new ideas. 


All in all, sadly, this piece needs a ton of work. I'm always here if you need me. Shoot me a pm if you have any questions about what I said in my critique. 

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