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> Disclaimer <

My little pony: Vengeance of Dark Lord is a fan-made, non-profit and open-source project, its not associated with Hasbro Inc. or its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, and claims no ownership of My Little Pony or any of its intellectual property; all online resources have given credit appropriately in the game.


> Introduction <

This is a fan-made RPG based on My Little Pony:Friendship is magic and D&D(Dungeons and Dragons) rulesets, enter & explore Equestria, experiencing the history and start your own.

Adventure awaits...


> Features <

★D&D rules based!
● Dual-classing:
An Earth Pony traveling around the Equestria with her animal friends, singing the epic histories; an Unicorn knows the arcane knowledge with handy picking tricks; a Pegasus ranger soaring into the night sky, hooves and eyes upraised toward the moon and chanting the glory of the moon.
[you can still specialize only one class and reach the levelcap (normally 20) of that class first]

● Real-Time Combat with Tactic mode:
Inspired by Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Help the ponies fight against the monsters from the Tartarus, protect the homeland from the demonic havoc, command your squads and bring the final victory!

● Mind your decisions:
Your choices matters, maybe it will change the path you take.

● Dungeons and Puzzles:
You gaze down into the darkness downstairs, light the horn and carefully step down to a secret room with numerous strange symbol carved on the wall around you, and an old stone table with six empty holes. Your wisdom and logic is your big gun.

● Vancian Spells:
As known as "fire & forget magic", powerful than standard unicorn spells but need to prepare in advance and limited use, can be replenished via rest(e.x. sleep, most common method), special items or spells.

● Semi-Blockchain Transaction:
This is a school project formerly, so this thing exists. Anyway, you have a chance to earn Chromastal during gameplay, which is a special currency in game and it can purchase special items, inherit save data and other features!

Headcanon contained, enjoy your pones!(definitely no white-color text in this line)                                     


> Story <
n the north of Equestria, there has nothing but chilling icy plains and mountains; however, there's a story untold...once Crystal Empire was stood in that pure white land for centuries, until a fateful war broke out...and it vanished in the mid air.
𝒜fetr a millennia, Crystal Empire has returned, Twilight Sparkle and her friends was sent to investigate the situation. Soon, they find out the thing returned not only the empire itself...


> Character Attributes <
There're several characters in the game, here only show the Mane 6 and Princess.
※Score ability is up-balanced due to nature of video game

  Twilight Sparkle


A unicorn from Canterlot, she has amazing magical ability and loves reading. She is also Princess Celestia's personal student, wielder of Element of Magic.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Caster
Class: Wizard 1
Score Ability(78):
Str: 10		Con: 11		Int: 18
Wis: 16		Dex:  9		Cha: 14
Skills: (+ = proficiency, ++ = double)



A farmer pony that works and lives in Sweet Apple Acres, she is brave, strong and a little too straight, wielder of Element of Honest.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Tank, Assault
Class: Fighter 1
Score Ability(78):
Str: 17		Con: 16		Int: 10
Wis: 11		Dex: 13		Cha: 11

Pinkie Pie


A partymanic raised in Rock Farm and lives in Ponyvile helps Mr. & Mrs. Cake run a bakery. She is extremely energetic, happy wielder of Element of Laughter.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support
Class: Bard 1
Score Ability(78):
Str: 12		Con: 14		Int: 11
Wis: 12		Dex: 14		Cha: 15

Rainbow Dash


A talented and a little arrogant flyer from Cloudsdale, she is the only pegasus to pull of a sonic rainboom, her dream is to join the Wonderbolts. She is also wielder of Element of Loyalty.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Assault
Class: Rogue 1
Score Ability(78):
Str: 14		Con: 13		Int:  9
Wis: 11		Dex: 18		Cha: 13



A vain yet generous pony who is also a fashion designer that runs Carousel Boutique in Ponyvile, she is the wielder of Element of Generosity.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Support, Healer
Class: Cleric(Light Domain) 1
Score Ability(78):
Str: 11		Con: 12		Int: 12
Wis: 14		Dex: 11		Cha: 18



A kind, gentle and blushful pegasus lives in a cottage near the Everfree Forest, she loves animals and taking care of them. She is the wielder of Element of Kindness.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Support, Healer
Class: Druid 1
Score Ability(78):
Str:  9		Con: 12		Int: 14
Wis: 17		Dex: 10		Cha: 16
Animal Handling+



Ruler of Equestria. Rules over the day and has great political ability. She is a kind and wise leader with over a millennium life, thus, she also has many legends and tales, often shaped as a sun goddess among the folks.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile
Class: Arch Mage 17/Epic Cleric(Light Domain) 1
Score Ability(120):
Str: 18		Con: 20		Int: 22
Wis: 24		Dex: 16		Cha: 20



Co-ruler of Equestria, Rules over the night and widely known for her past as Nightmare Moon. She is Celestia's younger sister and has the ability to enter other pony's dream, help them fight against the nightmares.

Unit Type: Hero, Ground, Air, Versatile
Class: Arch Mage 20/Cleric(Moon Domain) 18
Score Ability(118):
Str: 22		Con: 19		Int: 21
Wis: 21		Dex: 18		Cha: 17
Animal Handling++


> Screenshots <



> Downloads<

Player's Handbook: (Recommend to read before you play!)

Download from Education Domain(TW) [Not available yet]

Download from gamejolt (link to gamejolt site)

Download from google drive

> Looking for help <
Please check this post for details

> Open source magic <

> Team <


- Kernel -
Compeador: Main Developer
Blue Gull: Story writer

- Beta Testers -

Thanks for reading! Your brohoof & feedback is a big support!

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Demo v 0.1.0 is out!


So, finally, it's here, remember, this is merely a demo, lots of things are not done, yet, and it's not bug-free nor lag-free since I write the whole system almost by myself.

Important note:
This game contains RTP itself, but requires OpenAL to run, you can find "" in game folder, run the program inside to install OpenAL.

Also, we recommend you to read the player’s handbook before you play!

If you found any bug, please report to us; feedbacks are very welcomed!

The download link has been updated at #1, check it out!

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I played the tutorial of this game and looked through some of your old version's Code.

It's quiet nice and I imagine it to be a really nice game one day.

Constructive Critique and one Glitch:


Main Menu: Why are there so many different Fonts in the Main Menu?   And so many different Colors? (It makes the game look a bit cheap and messy somehow.)

It would be really nice if you could skip the "This-is-a-non-Commercial-game"-Message.


Changing Controls: Very annoying to Change Controls when your Mouse Cursor gets turned invisible.

Could you Change it in a way it isn't invisible while Changing Input Controls?


Tutorial: There is a little Graphic Glitch with the Couch, walking into it sometimes lets you see the pony's legs. (This just happened on my first playthrough, worked fine on the second one).

Also, the character's Messages are very difficult to understand... I attached the Screenshots of the Dialogue I couldn't understand.

(I don't want to offend you, I just want to help you improving your game.)



Other than that, I really like your concept! Looking Forward to see the full Version!

Just a few questions: Will the items from the old Version be in the new Version?  And when will the Main Story be available?


P.S. If you need a Translator or someone to write those Messages, I can do that! If you want me to help you, just Message me!






Cant skip.png

G-Glitch 1.png

G-Glitch 2.png

What 2.png

What 3.png


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