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So I only really collect the Guardians of Harmony range in terms of merch, and I had a few questions regarding them!

I'd love to have the mane six, and of course they've done everyone but Rarity as far as I know! Do you think a Rarity will be made?? And also what do you think are the chances of us getting a general release Fluttershy? I know she came in the SDCC set, but I want one I can debox, I wouldn't feel right deboxing her from that gorgeous packaging! 

Also; who would you like to see made into these kinds of figures??

I'd personally love to see articulated figure versions of Celestia, Luna, Nightmare moon etc (and maybe a discord but he'd need to be immensely articulated haha)

Aside from them I'd love to see;

- A cutie mark crusader three pack

- Big Mac (either in a two pack with Granny Smith or with a vehicle playset? Like a wagon?) 

- Cadance (and flurryheart?? hehe) 

- Zecora! 

- Gilda!

-Palace guards (Luna's and Celestia's...army building maybe?) 

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I am still waiting for two more from the movie. 

I need from the series

Twilight: The movie

Pinkie Pie: The Movie

Stratus Skyranger

Tempest Shadow

What I would like to see is a 


Tirek: Final Form


Bulk Biceps




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