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Boop a snoot, any snoot

Totally Lyra

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Just now, Totally Lyra said:

If we keep booping Gobo the walls will be permanently stained green. :P

*boops @CypherHoof, @Zachary, and @AsrielFries* :3

Just as I was about to post...bragging about how...*cough cough.* I hadn't been booped... *Wheeze.* Tell my family...about my snootle...

Anyhow, I boop @Prospekt, @Totally Lyra, @J.T., @SolarFlare13, @Lunar Echo, @meme, @@@@@@@ just because your name, @WisePie for ninja'ing a post in, and I'll throw in @Jeric just for the heck of it. Does my tyranny ever end? >:D

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*notices lack of Gobo* OwO, what's this?

*boops @The_Gobo again, hoping that he might appear soon, even though he probably isn't online right now* at least I get to write little poems, this is more fun than I thought originally


There once was a time

When there was no slime

But only a lonely existence


The slime's still away

I'm sad, yet I'll pray

What counts is our hardy persistence

Edited by Holiday Agnaktor
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