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Boop a snoot, any snoot

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1 hour ago, AsrielFries said:

Just as I was about to post...bragging about how...*cough cough.* I hadn't been booped... *Wheeze.* Tell my family...about my snootle...

Anyhow, I boop @Prospekt, @Totally Lyra, @J.T., @SolarFlare13, @Lunar Echo, @meme, @@@@@@@ just because your name, @WisePie for ninja'ing a post in, and I'll throw in @Jeric just for the heck of it. Does my tyranny ever end? >:D


2 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

And through the magic of notifications I mass boop all of you! 

Also @GrimGrimoire @Batbrony @Salty Sweetness@Buffy

Yeah I booped the mascot! :P

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*looks at @Jeric's finger*


*snoot gets booped* 





*thanks Jeric for the boops*

Time to share the boops, everypony, prepare yourselves!

snoot the boop

@Jeric, @Lady Kiriness, @Wingnut, @Dark Qiviut, @Wave, @Woohoo, and @Mesme Rize (because of course I needed to included MLP Forums' resident snekky snek pone in all of this) I do hereby bestow upon thee... THE MAGICAL BOOP SNEK!!!  Take his boops and give boops in return, and he shall grant thee fortunate enough to cross paths with him three wishes for anything your hearts may desire :love:... at least I'm pretty sure that's how it goes, though if I'm being perfectly honest, I may be confusing the Magical Boop Snek with Shenron... :wat:

Ah well, BOOPS INCOMING!!! :yay:

Boops: they are truly a magical and wondrous thing :orly:

Boop boop. Make your snake happy. How to Achieve Happiness in  Single gift.'] hihi. Boo the snout.

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Who dares mention me, and get away with it! Show yourselves!




You two dare mention me! Therefore, you shalt be faced with the seven deadly boops!



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