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Hey, I'm making a really bad great multiplayer open-world pony game





2b1791c68a.png (1920×1040)


I know it's not much, but I though I'd show a bit of what's happening so far.

Planned features are in the Trello:

QIEPTS (Questions I Expect Ponies To Ask)

  • Can I play it?

Sure, just PM me.

  • Why are you coding this?

'Cause I can

  • What is it coded in.

Byond, cause I'm a scrub with netcode.

  • Why aren't you coding it in a better language, like C++/C#/Java/C/Pascal/Haskall/BASIC/Assembly?

Although I could, like I said, I'm a scrub with netcode.

  • Can I help?

Although I don't know why you'd want to, sure! Right now I'm looking for artists and play testers, and later I'll be looking for sound designers and story writers. I wanna try and challenge myself to do all the coding personally right now, but we'll see if I need additional coders in the future.

  • Are you going to abandon this project?


  • . Do you have a place where we can talk about the game?

Yeah, right here.

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Ayy m8, I'm just some guy who watches My Little Pony, but if you're still somehow looking for play testers, I'll totally be one


Image of grass:

G R A S S.jpg

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