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Captain Marvelous

(Fanfic Idea) A New Spark *Tentative Title*

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New idea that came to me last night



A New Spark

*Tentative Title*



During a peaceful day in Ponyville, one pefect for a picnic with friends, two beings from a different time period collides in their present, bringing with them a familiar chaotic darkness.






I know what you're thinking, and you are absolutely right, one of the beings from the future is who you think he is, he is in fact the son of one of the elements of harmony, a white Alicorn by the name of Eternal Spark.


The truth on him is that he was a regular pony when he was born, but died during the delivery. His birth mother and the other bearers used the elements to bring him back to life, at the cost that the elements were infused into his body, keeping his soul connected and keeping him alive. As a side effect, he was given the white Alicorn form, because of that, he thinks of all six of the bearers as his actual mothers, and loves them as such


I always wanted to tell a "Child from the future" from a "not wanting to ruin one's timeline" point of view, in this case Spark will avoid at all cost telling the mane six who he is.


The story itself is told mostly in this style, in Spark's point of view; His mothers have been dead for nearly a thousand years, back when he was in a state of a colt. During the story he would be alone and start having crying fits as the memories that he cherished begins to flood back into his mind. For Example would be during the scene when Pinkie throws one of her "Welcome to Ponyville" parties, he has memories of the times where "mama" would fix him cupcakes, even though Twilight said no sweets before bedtime. Then, after a situation he causes, he actually ends up in a park alone where he is actually eating dusty cupcakes he threw out a window, he begins crying out while eatting that he wished he could taste his "mama's" cooking again.


the story will pretty much end where he returns back to his time, where he meets up with a waiting Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and an elder Spike. In which case he has a total breakdown, he tells them how much it hurt that he couldn't tell his mamas how much he loved them nor how much he missed them




This story is pretty much a late mother's day story...



Now I plan to have Leon, the Alicorn from a french magazine, make a appearance or get a mention in the story. Which, I also suggest to everyone else that plans to make a male Alicorn in a fanfic, it would give illusion of the possibility that their are male Alicorns in Equestria


What do you think?

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