Fandango sais limited movie release confused

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Ok get this so the fandango show times are showing limited theaters for each area showing the movie and its very confusing to me the movie accoridng to hasbro is supposed to be a normal release just like every other film what the hay is going on here why is it limited when hasbro said its full its really starting to tick me off

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Hasbro may want a full release but individual cinema chains may decide to opt for limited screenings if they feel that the film won't attract enough attention to justify screening it over other, potentially more profitable, films.

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It's actually not that uncommon that certain theatres won't show certain movies, even bigger budget movies.

It might be they think the movie won't make big profits, it might be other movies deserve that spot, etc.

Movie business is like any other business and that is competition. If Hasbro didn't made their movie attractive for certain theatres, tough love i say.

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