C. Thunder Dash

Fan Fiction (Poem) The Volcano Of Your Mind

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The volcano of your mind

Dormant until stirred as you may find

Ready at any second if something goes wrong

But not to play a glorious song


The bubbling lava waiting to be set free

By an exasperating chaotic spree

But a strange force hovers around

Keeping the energy bound


Suddenly a disturbance is sensed

That leaves the volcano convinced

That something has indeed failed

Now, the lava prepares to set sail


The whole world trembles as the volcano is about to blow

With that bright and red glow

With a scream, the lava is set free

To begin the terror and chaotic spree


As the lava flows destruction ensues

From those nasty lava brews

Nothing can seem to tame this beast

But there is a hope to say the least


The volcano suddenly loses steam

That ray of hope indeed shines with a gleam

Then amidst all the wreckage, there is an accord

That can only come from the one above, our dear Lord


The volcano of your mind can be tamed

You are in control, but if lost, are at blame

But as long as things aren’t going wrong

You can be sure that the volcano is singing a happy song.


Wrote this poem a while back. 

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