Critique Wanted Advice on Story; Fallout Equestria Audio Logs of Gilda

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Hello Everypony! I normally don't do this sort of thing but I recently finished writing a Fallout Equestria Fanfiction that explains the fate of Gilda after her legendary showdown with Rainbow Dash. It has had a good response but not a lot in the way of constructive critisism. Not only that I was hoping to get some feedback on whether I should expand this story into a full fiction instead of just a one shot story. Anyone who's interested I'll leave a link down below.

Thanks everypony!

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Hello @GaryTheGriffon

Taking into account that yo seek critique regarding your work, I believe this topic would be more suitable for AK Yearling's Writing Resources. Therefore, it shall be relocated there, along with the proper prefix of 'critique wanted' affixed to the title.

Have a lovely day now!

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