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Sunset Shimmer Confront Ambrose (blurb)

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This is a blurb I wrote of a scene completely (and shamelessly) lifted off and ripped off of this:

... ... ...

“Stop right there!” Ambrose turned to the direction of shouting voice and saw that it came from Sunset Shimmer. With an ornate wooden box under her arm she is standing by both versions of Twlight Sparkle. With them are their five other human friends, and they all stood at the head of the assembled student body of Canterlot High.

“Sunset Shimmer!” the lich cried in acknowledgement. “I was just thinking how great it would be to have an audience and here you all are. You have granted my wish. Good day to you, children.”

Sunset stared hard at Ambrose. Holding out the box, she opened it and slowly withdrew its contents. Everyone is gasp in total shock at what they saw she was holding; the tiara holding the one of the elements of harmony. The element of magic! Sunset’s friends are shocked and shakened to their core. Twilight is taken aback, not knowing how to react. She didn’t even know the element was gone in the first place, let alone that Sunset Shimmer had stolen it once again, and she is afraid to wonder what she intends to do with it. The only ones not gawking at Sunset and the Element of Magic in disbelief was the corpse and his retinue.

Sunset said sternly and grimly, “Unless your wish is for me to turn into a demon and for you and your gang to turn into charcoal, I suggest you drop that book!”

“In this, my greatest hour, I do have another wish. But it’s not that,” Ambrose replied rather jovially, holding up the ancient codex for all to see. “It’s to have a happy reconciliation with the unicorn-girl that gave me purpose. After all, I wouldn’t be the lich I am today if it weren’t for you.”

“Your purpose is interdimensional conquest!” Sunset shouted back. “And don’t you blame me for what happened to you!”

“I’m merely expressing gratitude.”

Sunset eyes narrowed at Ambrose. “I think you should express an apology.”

Ambrose laughed. “Oh no, she didn’t. Apologize to you? Pardon me if I say poppycock!”

“Then say it!”


She only narrowed her eyes again, still looking at the standing corpse venomously. “You let us down. You let both our worlds down.”

“You let ME down, you hypocrite!” Ambrose shot back with irritation in his voice. “You, who had once complained about not getting desert before dinner, went on and on about how sweet the candy was, then told me to NEVER put it in my mouth and got mad at me when I did!”

“If by ‘candy’ you mean ancient forbidden evil, then YES, I told you not to put it in your mouth!”

Princess Twilight’s eyebrows furrowed when she at last muster the courage to enter the verbal exchange. “She’s right,” She spoke to the Lich. “It’s like you said. Sunset’s crime was being impatient, but she just wanted to learn things she is just not ready for yet. What you want were dark powers that no one should ever have.”

“That may be so, pony princess,” Ambrose replied back to Twilight, “but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it, so...” His skeletal hands begin to undo the bindings of the ancient tome, prompting Sunset raise the purple jeweled tiara over her head.

“Don’t move or I’ll incinerate all of you!”

“Is that so? I would like to see you try after THIS!”

... ... ...

Feed back and criticism is much appreciated.

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