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If you could meet

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If you could meet any of the following characters from My Little Pony Equestria Girls (only one), who would you meet?


- Twilight Sparkle

- Flash Sentry

- Spike

- Trixie

- Sunset Shimmer

- Rarity

- Applejack

- Big Mac

- Pinkie Pie

- Fluttershy

- Rainbow Dash


How would you meet them? Would it would be a one-off thing, or would you want to be friends with them?

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Fluttershy. It would be nice to meet her and spend time looking after the animals with someone that can practically speak with them! Being her friend would be a fun time even if she is a bit quiet :squee:

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Flash and Sunset would be who I'd meet. And maybe the Rainbooms later on. Mostly because Denz and I are muscial people looking for band members or people to collab with. Flash and Denz are both guitarists (as is Sunset) so I guess that would be how we meet. Then Sunset would be Flash's "totally not girlfriend". We'd just meet up and have a jam session. 

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I think I'd like to meet, and if possible for me, befriend Sunset. I like all of them, but I feel like Sunset has a really unique personality, and one I can relate too quite a lot! :sunny:

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I would meet Sunset given that I've often said how I can relate to her on a personal level but how would I meet her? Most likely we would run into each other due to visiting the same location--a video game store--and hopefully hit it off from there.

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I would want to meet Sunset Shimmer or Twilight Sparkle, while I would do anything to meet them all (anything)I would probably choose Sunset Shimmer. I wish I could live in the MLP universe.

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