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How did you react to all the songs in the movie?

This was how I reacted, pretty much:

We got this together: 

    Song? Already? Wow!


I’m the friend you need:

    XD a tango??!!


It’s time to be awesome:

    Best song yet!.... Dash, you idiot. :dry:


One small thing: 

   Awww! Where’s Twilight? (Obviously I found that out later :()


Open up your eyes:

    Please no corny monologue; I like her! Wait, no, it’s a song?? 

And I thought no villain song would best Come Little Children from Hocus Pocus.



      I have no words for this!

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"We got this"- meh...

"I'm your friend you need." - *getting into the rhythm*

"Time to be awesome" - okay..but expected more to folkish style. 

"One small thing"-mellow but the scene was colorful. and that twilight...:orly:

"Open up your eyes"- gave me a quick jolt but I like it

Rainbow: well made music.

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I grinned so much during Time to be Awesome. Rainbow was just being too cute, and awesome, the way she was trotting on the table is just adorable, and also her face when she was singing. My stomach was filled with butterflies when the ship opened up its rainbow sails, and i literally had goosebumps when the sonic rainboom happened. Maybe im just obsessed with RD. 

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