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Ivan The Adorable

Food A cereal killer

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It's Halloween time, so a spooky story unfolds.

It's 6 AM, you rub the sand from your eyes and slowly peel yourself from your bed covers and slump onto the floor. Staggering on your feet, senses still dull in the morning gloom, you slowly navigate hand by hand against the wall of your quiet, darkened abode. Not bothering to turn on the light and face the glare signaling your response to the call of waking hours, you make your way to the pantry door through a combination of touch and the unfocused sight of your half-open eyes to confirm you haven't wandered into the toilet by mistake. 

The dim shadow of light heralds dawn creeping up beyond a misty morning veil as your fingers close 'round the smooth cardboard and pull it from the shelf.

Your bowl rings cheerfully, the first inviting melody to join a new day, as little dry pieces of cereal shower down into it.

You pry open the cold metal door of your fridge, blinking into the chilly glow. What you see makes you draw back in horror.

No milk.

Brave listeners, do you drop to your knees in defeat, return the globules of shaped grain which you have already mussed about idly with a hand as you grabbed a few pieces to enjoy before drenching them? No, you must seek an alternative to escape this plight. But, beware, the solution may be far more horrifying than your predicament if you choose unwisely!

(Question: What's the worst thing you have ever eaten with cereal? Please describe in as much horrible detail as your memory allows)

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I ate it with water instead; it tasted gross :maud: . Like just eating wet cereal without that dairy goodness :wacko: .

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