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Say something totally random!

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Something totally random.

You cheddar take me seriously! For I am Cheesus Christ! Be gouda or you won't go to heaven! 

My name is Juicy Juice. I live under the bridge, man. I live here with my pet Frank the nematode. He lives under my hat man. When they come to take my matches I just go at flip the hat and go, "sic em

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14 minutes ago, Ganaram Inukshuk said:

Ocellus: *pouts* Most battles are okay. In hindsight, not going to my dictionary, "Tush" means "Idiot"

Thanks, Markov Text Generator.

I suspect it SHOULD go to it's dictionary :)

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Life goals:

-Live to 2069, make those the best days of my life. (At age 75 :scoots: .)

-Own a little red corvette while driving in purple rain/rain at twilight, while partying like it’s 1999.

-Reincarnate as an Englishman (born in the UK), then visit New York.

Ok that last one isn’t realistic :wacko: .

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Ocellus: *pouts* It doesn't count. I'll start. What competition?

Ocellus: *pouts* I'm hungry

Ocellus: *pouts* It is. After I don't know what is piqued by Smolder and Sandbar even asked to become greatest Yak take a star.

Ocellus: *pouts* I just post at this Griffon needs a mummy love each other theory does count as the weirdest thinking they're up guys! We've pretty much and let you off right way cooler! She's always pout like the challenge to be away from her precious textbooks can say.

Ocellus: *pouts* But he's getting money goes, that's not sure I've never do not. It's probably better things to injest that I'd just going to blame.

Ocellus: *pouts* Most cases of us to me. That reminds me this many ponies do. Once it

Ocellus: *pouts*

Ocellus: *pouts* I'm all only happens in the closed doors of turn around, I don't think we're speaking of small bug

Ocellus: *pouts* I was very confused

Ocellus: *pouts* I find us. Or one of Griffs have the boys are cleaned *prods them*

Ocellus: *pouts* So a friendship report for one way through the painting weird to Rainbow Dash: Yeeeah. We should start one. Any excuse to seal ancient spir-" HEY! She still friend.

Ocellus: *pouts* It is. It was all of which, does Griffon take a short time.

Ocellus: *pouts* I'm hungry

Ocellus: *pouts* I didn't!

Ocellus: *pouts* But he's hit 1,600 followers! That makes a school has shaken off now.Happy 200th Post + April Foals day!

Ocellus: *pouts* I don't actually came to be rude! You two different to a -very- sheltered life.

Ocellus: *pouts* It was just us being.... NOT A THING!

Ocellus: *pouts* Most battles are best.

Ocellus: *pouts*

Ocellus: *pouts* Most Griffons, if not going to the blocks in that if I saw nothing about?

Ocellus: *pouts* It looks kinda true..

Ocellus: *pouts* I'm starting to pretend I wonder though, could say.

Ocellus: *pouts* So how loud you doing?

Ocellus: *pouts* Most Pegasi are butts.

Ocellus: *pouts*

Ocellus: *pouts* I assume you done plenty wrong. But then, "Generosity" "Loyalty" and is clearly to make one who definitely that. Is it has fins. Changeling wears costume on him. I didn't notice it all ears.

Ocellus: *pouts* I dare say, if we're not!

I guess any one of these would technically count as saying something random. Technically pseudo-random.

2 hours ago, Tropical Melody said:

Where you get this Markov Text Generator? Can anyone use it?

There are plenty of MTGs online, but this is one I made myself. I wanna port it to C# one day.

10 hours ago, CypherHoof said:

I suspect it SHOULD go to it's dictionary :)

I'm pretty sure I woke up, saw this, fell back asleep, and dreamt this.

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1 hour ago, Ganaram Inukshuk said:

There are plenty of MTGs online, but this is one I made myself. I wanna port it to C# one day.

or maybe even a decent language? :)

And why is your generator now stuck on "pouty Ocellus"? :D

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Markov Text Generator: <generates more random text of Ocellus>

Ocellus: *whines* I'm not fair. Why not?

Ocellus: *whines* I'm confused.

Ocellus: *whines* I'm sure the flank there, Smoldy! We just sat here and the morning.

Ocellus: *whines*

Ocellus: *whines* I'm not!

Ocellus: *whines* I'm sure you'd be a good door. We all the book? Stories about two theories about it! The only gave Ocellus and we were planning to come she's not eaten gems before.

Ocellus: *whines* I'm just picked random options.

Ocellus: *whines*

Ocellus: *whines* Yonaaaaa

Me: You alright there, Celly-bug?

Relevant code:


  for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    std::cout << mtg.GenerateRandomSentence("Ocellus: *whines*") << "\n\n";
    //std::cout << mtg.GenerateRandomSentence(/*starters*/) << "\n\n";

// GenerateRandomSentence but with a parameter of a VectorString
// If given a vector of strings, each string in said vector is chosen at random
// to be the next starter
// TODO?: An additional parameter to either iterate through the vector or to
// randomly select a starter from the vector
MarkovTextGenerator::GenerateRandomSentence(const VectorString &starters) {
  // Random number generator
  std::random_device rand;
  std::default_random_engine engine(rand());
  std::uniform_int_distribution<int> dist(0, starters.size() - 1);
  int random_number = dist(engine);

  return GenerateRandomSentence(starters[random_number]);

// Generates a sentence with a starting gram specified
// If the starting gram isn't found, the current gram is NOT the end marker,
// or the state table's empty, don't bother
MarkovTextGenerator::GenerateRandomSentence(const std::string &starter) {
  std::string start_gram;
  if (mode_) {
    // For word mode, process the starter into a vector
    VectorString fragment_vector = ProcessInputIntoVector(starter);

    // If the starter wasn't long enough (IE, the gram length is larger than
    // the size of the sentence), don't bother
    if (fragment_vector.size() - 1 < length_)
      return "[MarkovTextGenerator]: Starter not long enough to generate sentence.";
    start_gram = SubVec(fragment_vector, fragment_vector.size() - length_ - 1, length_);
  } else {
    // No need for processing into a vector, just use the string itself
    if (starter.size() < length_)
      return "[MarkovTextGenerator]: Starter not long enough to generate sentence.";
    start_gram = starter.substr(starter.size() - length_, length_);

  // Also make sure the start gram is in the state table
  if (state_table_.CheckForGram(start_gram)) curr_gram_ = start_gram;
  else return "[MarkovTextGenerator]: Starter contains gram not present in state table.";

  if (mode_) return starter + " " + GenerateRandomSentence();
  else return starter + GenerateRandomSentence();



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Please hang up and call again                          Please hang up and call again                    Prease hun... duuuuut duuuuut duuuuut duuuuut duuuuut click duuuuuuuuuuuuuuut bip bop bip  dut                                                                               Please hang up and call again                          Please hang up and call again click

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10 minutes ago, xX_PinkDragon_Xx said:

I'm not stupid, my computer is.

Thanks to modern technology, we can now create more mistakes in a minute than a team of one hundred skilled mistake-makers working for a year

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