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7 minutes ago, Treeglow Flicker said:

It's a bonus if I ever want to play the role of an Ent. :muffins:

I am sure you can aim higher than an entry level position :)

Also - are eight hobbits a hobbyte?

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Something totally random.

You cheddar take me seriously! For I am Cheesus Christ! Be gouda or you won't go to heaven! 

@The_Gobo is secretly @Trotteur Sauvage who was birthed by @Flutterstep after an affair with @.Wolfe. betraying @Trottermare Galamane in the process, @Duality soon came into @Trottermare Galamane life

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WHERE DID THEY GO?! :BornAgainBrony: The people I once cared about, vanished from this plane of existence... and all while my back was turned!
Were their arms cut off? Have they abandoned their posts for greater pastures? Was there some kind of mass hypnosis wave that somehow missed me? :o

...Oh, wait, I know what it was. The evil stares at me from the mirror. :worry: I entered the room and spoke, and like a programmed response, they all left to get as far away as possible...

*Sniff* :wau: ... *DEEP inhale* :umad: ...Or it could be the mustard gas. That might be it. I was wondering why air raid sirens were going off.

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1 hour ago, Bas said:

What be more random than randomly fusing ponies?


When you scrape data from studentsix.tumblr.com and feed it into a Markov Text Generator.


I've gotten lazy with getting the latest data.

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