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Say something totally random!

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Something totally random.

You cheddar take me seriously! For I am Cheesus Christ! Be gouda or you won't go to heaven! 

@The_Gobo is secretly @Trotteur Sauvage who was birthed by @Flutterstep after an affair with @.Wolfe. betraying @Trottermare Galamane in the process, @Duality soon came into @Trottermare Galamane life

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Deadtime stories for big folk. Door.

"Er, what do you mean, 'What a lucky thing', I dunno what you mean?"

I mean, she was right, that door was the one you better not mess with.

"Why not?"

Because, it will be the end of snivelisations as we know it.

"The end of snivelisations?!"

Yeah. Snivelisations as we know it. And he never stuck a key in the hole, right? No, he never done it.

"You sure he never done it?"

Well I ain't sure, but I don't think he done it. If he done it, we probably wouldn't know anyhow, would we? Probably, we wouldn't know the difference.

"Probably not."

Well, you don't think he done it?

"No, I don't think."

Well, what a lucky us!


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Just take me already, you handsome devil! I want to be your gay husband! :wub:


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Just now, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

I think that's only when the flying purple people eaters are in town...

Not aware :wacko: 

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On 8/1/2020 at 11:14 AM, Sparklefan1234 said:


According to DuckTales 2017, Bigfoot's name is Gavin. 



That's the pet Bigfoot one. The wild Bigfoots have that name. The more you know! :kirin:

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I can teach you guys some Swedish if you want to know anything! MHU with a word and I'l translate!

Fun fact, My username (Iskaffe) Means Ice Coffee !

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3 minutes ago, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

Ah, but a bird in the hand poops on your wrist...

Yes but if that's seabird poop, like say a seagull, then it's very likely guano, meaning it's potentially effective and valuable as a fertilizer for your plants! :mlp_smug:

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