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Something totally random.

You cheddar take me seriously! For I am Cheesus Christ! Be gouda or you won't go to heaven! 

My name is Juicy Juice. I live under the bridge, man. I live here with my pet Frank the nematode. He lives under my hat man. When they come to take my matches I just go at flip the hat and go, "sic em

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2 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:


Which alternate universe Star Wars character is this? :ooh:

That's just Juno from Beastars.

And no she's not that teen from the 2007 film of the same name that got pregnant. Though she did initially want Legoshi to have her babies...

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Y'know what's the best thing 'bout being a pony? :ooh: you dont have to wear clothes -w- (horses dont normally wear clothes 'cuz they're wild animals, not hoomans) :arethosehands: 

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17 hours ago, Cwanky said:

I hear that cakes made from slavery harmony have a preferable taste for the Canterlot elites over cakes made from chaos.


17 hours ago, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

Ah, but she is retired now. Maybe Sugar Belle sends her regular deliveries in the Apple's pie cart?

What have I started now .. :worry:


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12 minutes ago, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

Are you suggesting Celestia would SHARE cake?

Well Celestia did wield the Elements of Harmony for a good while, and generosity is one of the elements...:rarity:

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Celestia never embodied those elements though, she just wielded them as a weapon.

During the final battle, the pillars who had gone before, the mane six who stood in the present, and the young six who are the future, all joined together to defeat the villians. Celestia was noticably absent.

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4 hours ago, Tropical Melody said:

"I didn't get where I am today by caring about ginger-headed strangers."


In which, an excerpt from Harry Potter's autobiography creates bad PR for the world's favorite wizard. 

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Gally-birb's family tree would be pitifully small. Smoldy-woldy's would fare better..Sandy's would be mostly standard fare, as would Silvy-birb's. Methinks changeling culture would be the closest to upending the concept of a nuclear family but at the same time not, but what if Yona's really mixed things up?

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Gally-birb's is a bit sad given I believe they are an orphan. Not sure how dragons even DO family - we know that they have families, but given all the eggs seem to be dumped on one hatching ground without any family members around when they hatch, it is a bit vague how they then establish those relationships.

Silvy-birb probably has an actual tapestry of the royal family tree with her in it.

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