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Something totally random.

You cheddar take me seriously! For I am Cheesus Christ! Be gouda or you won't go to heaven! 

@The_Gobo is secretly @Trotteur Sauvage who was birthed by @Flutterstep after an affair with @.Wolfe. betraying @Trottermare Galamane in the process, @Duality soon came into @Trottermare Galamane life

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17 hours ago, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

(also, a bit of graphite on the tracks can do wonders for a scratchy pot)

That's a very good answer. :D  However just getting access to it will be so complicated and fraught with cock-ups so it'll never work again, it may be better just to leave it alone. :D


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12 hours ago, CypherHoof 🐎 said:

*sad phone noises*


“Hello? Hello hello? Well if you’re hearing this, then chances are you’ve made a very poor career choice.”


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Since I uploaded the picture offsite (https://derpibooru.org/images/2480224), I opted to add a description.


Ocellus: Smolder, where were you?

Gallus: Yeah, you always get to the Keurin (parody name for "Keurig") in the student lounge before I do, so I just assumed you got stuck in the toilet again.

Smolder: *extremely angry* …

Sandbar: Guys, I think something bad happened to Smolder. She's usually quiet about these things.

Yona: Should Yona get professor Maud's lava suits for friends?

Sandbar: Smolder? Do you want to talk about it?

Smolder: *holds up broken phone* This fell on my horns when I woke up this morning.

Sandbar: Youch. That looks expensive.

Smolder: It is.

Ocellus: You wanna hug it out?

Smolder: *nods yes*

Silverstream: Sorry I'm late, guys! I got stuck in the toilet again— what happened to your phone, Smolder?

Smolder: *prepares to breathe fire onto Silverstream*

Sandbar: Smolder, stop!! *tackles Smolder*

Smolder: GET OFF OF ME!!!

Sandbar: I don't want you to roast Silverstream the same you roasted Gallus!!

Smolder: You know what?! *tosses Sandbar aside* I'm going back to bed. This is the worst day ever. *walks off*

Sandbar/Ocellus/Gallus/Yona/Silverstream: …

Ocellus: Should I check on her?

Gallus: You probably should, but you might want professor Maud's lava outfit.

Ocellus: I'm good.

Gallus: It's your funeral.

Sandbar: *hits Gallus*

Gallus: What?


How mad does Smolder have to be to almost cook Silverstream? (Then again, if cartoon physics applies here, then all she'll get is only small charring around her feathers and mane.)

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