Critique Wanted Short story collation Idea(Interest check)

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(Please note the main plot started off as a joke)


Ok, so I made an OC called Mary Sue as part of a joke, A few months later I tried to put here in an Anti-magic dystrophy. I let that boil then desided to bring it back a little more, and this is what I got.

A group of 4 ponies, known amongst them selves as Avatars, Are the next age and power change in equestrian history. These stories follow them in day to day life as they slowly accept they're Destiny of being the new gods of the new world, while waiting for this one to end.  I have a few stories for this kinda mapped out  I have listed them below, and am open to ideas(No, I am not going to add ylur OC to try to out edge you)


I may put Nyx in tho...


The Avatar and The Artist: While out for coffee, Mary, the Avatar of Harmony, attracts the eye of an earth pony artist, and must hide her secret from them.


The Twins and the Dress: Lynnet, The Avatar of Darkness and her brother Sol, the avatar of light, get in an argument about who looks better in a dress.


The Tinker and the Demon: Gizmo, The Avatar of Entropy, Trys to ask his childhood friend out for a date, His inner Demons won't let him.

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