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Is Scootaloo's Mane Pink or Purple?


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  1. 1. Pink or Purple?

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I'd have to say the outline of her mane is most definitely cerise, while the main color appears to be thulite pink. Both fall under the distinction of what we call pink, which is squished into the spectrum between red and purple. In the case of both colors on the RGB scale, there is more red than there is blue, so I'm going to have to disagree with Swoop's response and say they are less purple and more red.


Why not just call it pink though? After all that's what it is.

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Scootaloo has a mane fill which corresponds to the Hex ID #BF5D95. This hex code is consistent with the colour 'Mulberry', which falls under the purple colour spectrum.


I'd say that Scootaloo's mane is without doubt Purple.


♪♫When somepony steals my post♪♫


Haha but I agree. It's far away from being pink :wacko:

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I think it is purple.


However, I've noticed various times that her mane is lighter (giving it the 'pink' colour), but that may just be due to the animator.

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I always thought of it as purple. The redish kind of purple, not pink.

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In watching the show and whatnot, I always thought it was purple.. However, that pic makes it look reeeaally PINK.. And now, thanks to you, I'm going to be questioning it ENdLeSsLy. (I voted purple though..)


I just realized though......


It's probably that horrible, evil color directly between the two... :angry:

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