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Who here felt uncomfortable watching the movie?


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2 minutes ago, Midnight Danny said:

Especially at Twilight's crying scene where l kinda cried too. Poor Twily :twi:

The most emotional scene in all of FiM for me. It was the only time I ever completely broke down at it. :(

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  • 5 months later...

A few times throughout the movie, I felt uncomfortable. The introduction of Twilight trying to do her thing (panicking about something she doesn't have to do). It looked like they had spray canned her eyes with glitter. It didn't feel right to me as that must have hurt badly. Also, the way they shaded the eyes, made her look like she got blind from the glitter.

And the animation, while being smooth, didn't look like the ponies I fell in love with. They all looked the same, even Rainbow Dash had the same eyelashes as the rest. It was not the ponies I grew up with! It is always uncomfortable when watching things that doesn't look right.

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Didn't felt uncomfortable, but yeah i was surprised with how slavery was just simple show in the movie (not a surprise we seen before with the crystal empire, just didn't expect here) some of the animated faces were a little too weird, Pinkie Pie weirdly scared me a little some scenes and Spike in the desert scene literally almost turned into that pony.mov artstyle lol

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