Purposely bad poem game!

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Hello fellow poetry writers and lovers! Tonight I have a challenge/game for you! Can you write a really bad poem? Whether is be crude, grammatically incorrect or just plain stupid, it counts! So, let me start.

A Duse's Destiny! - PuddingPonyPal

I love to poo
It's a great thing to do
Let it be shared
Between me and you

Hard Mountain - PuddingPonyPal

To you I'd love to sock
Directly in the c*ock
You say it's like a rock
But it's size I love to mock
It's snowing on Mt. Fuji

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My Buddy- by Jon Arbuckle

 This is my buddy.

 My Buddy's a Toad.

 He's kind of muddy, he's flat on the road.

 But he is my Buddy, my buddy to stay

 Until he's peeled up & carted away.


  Mt. Fuji- by Yours Truly

  Mind into Madness

 Gangrene setting in, crystal fragments

 It's Snowing on Mt. Fuji.

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@PuddingPonyPal Aye, and from a daily comic strip too, nonetheless! Admittedly, think the humor is in somebeing being so pathetic that they'd have a Pet Roadkill.

 Jon also did one about Spring that involved skintight flower costume leotards... can't remember that one; I'm sure it involved interpretive dance.

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