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Visual Art Alpakachii's non-pony art dump

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Ello Ello! welcome to my non pony artwork, where I'm going to probably post some sketches of my OC's that are in work and of random stuff or finished drawings of random things and OC's.

First I just made a random sketch of a Mermaid to be honest. Nothing special. I also had to hide her hand because I kind gave up drawing it before I was going to rip the paper because of all the erasing. ^-^"


Next a sketch that I made when I was thinking of Ideas of Oc's and I really like it .her hair doesn't really make sense because I didnt put the ponytail high enough. I saw that after I was finished detailing everything and I couldnt bring myself to fix and erase things. 


Next I made an Oc who I don't really have a name for yet. She is like a living, live sized doll, who was a performer in kind of a fantasy world that is set in victorian times. Im still unsure about the design of her clothes and other things.


I don't know if I will post that many drawings and sketches who knows but anyways I hope you like them ^-^.

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Lovely work, and don't worry, I've dealt with the duplicate already.

Have a lovely day and keep it up!

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Attack on Titan fanart for someone irl. She asked me to draw Levi and Eren and im working on the second one still. It was really hard to search the characters without being spoiled to much since I havent watched it yet:please:


And please ignore the background because I really messed that up. :please:

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