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Hello! My name is Steve, but go by apMechorse, the name of my OC and ponysona. By the time EFNW '18 rolls around, this will be my 3rd Convention, however as of now, I have only been to '17 BronyCon. I know every con is different, and one of the things I notice here was that there are additional tickets for "VIP Events" and I am wondering what types of events those are for, and roughly how much they tend to cost? I purchased the Diamond Sapling badge and I'm just wondering how much I should plan on socking away for additional tickets. Thanks everyone!

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Each day of EFNW there is a meal with a different group of voice actors and talents from the show.  The meals are at the Maxi Restaurant on the 14th floor of the Double Tree.  Tickets are typically $250 per person.  From pictures I have seen, seating is limited to about 30 per meal.  Each meal is themed.  Last year's were the Dazzlings, the Princesses and the Directors.  In 2016 it was the CMC, Fluttershy & Friends and High Society Ponies.

While not a "VIP Event," the other special event is the Escape Room.  Last year was the first time they ran this event.  Tickets were $30 per group (4-6 people per group).  Anyone can buy these tickets.  All of the one-hour slots sold out within a week of going on sale.  So keep checking the forums and EFNW main pages for those tickets.

2017 did not have any other VIP Events but in the past has included private concerts, comedy shows, voice acting classes most of which ran between $25 to $75.  As it gets closer to con time, the events and schedule will take shape.

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