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Movies/TV This Song is Basically My OC's Backstory in a nutshell, and I love it~

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When I listen to the music of Prince of Egypt (1998), I feel more impacted by the song Deliver Us, because of the similarities of My OC's backstory, the slavery of my people outside the midst of a civil war in his kingdom, working down to the bone, as Princess Victorias (my real mother) and Prince Valconos (my real father) is forced to send their child away to protect him from the horrors of the war. And the time of ancient Egypt brings me that feeling of ancient nostalgia for my OC, to which he was from, which was Ancient Equestria, where Changelings and Dragon(ponies)s were once accepted and feared just like anypony in society. The river scene also gave a sense of rememberance, as my OC's mother gave Eternal as an egg to her best friend River Nature to keep me safe as a guardian. And the find the final line and scene of the song "send a shepherd to shepherd us" was what I find to be an inside nod to my OC breaking the war from it's knees by his return, and return his kingdom to the way it was supposed to be, a paradise for all ponies to enjoy and stay, where all races are accepted among society, like the ancient times of Equestria. 

and the video done by Youtuber artist Jonathan Young an Caleb Hyles is especially reminiscent of that feeling increased tenfold. What are your thoughts on this video, and what do you think of my oc's backstory? can ya'll find the similarities of my backstory as I mention in the video as well? I'd love to hear thoughts as well.


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