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What goes in which pockets?


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Example, I keep my phone in my right pocket, wallet in left pocket (I don’t like it in the rear pocket), earphones and keys go in different places, so nothing consistent :wacko: .

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In my front left pocket, I have my phone

In my front right pocket, I have my keys

In my back left pocket, I have my wallet.  I used to put my wallet in my back right but it started feeling uncomfortable, so I switched.

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Well I never use my rear pockets as they are very easy to steal from by pick pocketers. Anyways I always use my right pocket for my phone, IPod and public transport ticket card that would be known as a Miki card here in Melbourne! Anyways I always put my wallet and other things in my left pocket! :)

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Front right pocket: my phone

Front left pocket: my wallet, keys, and student ID

I usually don't keep anything in my back pockets, if I even have them.

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No use for rear pockets. I sit on my rear for crying out loud!

Wallet in left pocket. Smart phone in holster clip onto left pocket.

iPod for music cliped onto right pocket 

A Disneyland fanny pack in front carries my Nintendo 3DS and debit cards for quick access.

As for my earphones, I literally have the phones themselves hang out from the top of my shirt with the plug either in my iPod or SmartPhone. They're held in place between my torso and whatever shirt I'm wearing.

As for my keys, they're on a clip mountain climbers use on their climbing rope. I hook them through one belt loop near my waist and let them safely hang near my left pocket.

Usually on a belt, I wear my Wii Fit U Fit Meter to count my steps and distance for my Wii Fit game for Wii U.

Follow all that?

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My phone always goes into the right pocket and my keys into the left one. Everything else tends to go into the left one for some reason - my headphones being one of the exceptions though as those are better in the right pocket with the phone.

It's also best for me to keep important things in the right pocket since I most often check that one first.

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My wallet goes in my left back pants pocket. My phone usually goes in either front pocket or if im wearing a hoodie it goes in hoodie pocket and my keys for me car usually go in either the front pant pocket i dont use or i carry it and lay in on different things ^-^

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Left pants pocket: wallet, room key

Right pants pocket: Phone and earbuds (if I have them)

Left cargo pocket: Any snacks or drinks I happen to have

Right cargo pocket: Patrol cap, while I'm indoors

Left chest pocket: Military ID card and phase badge

Right chest pocket: Unit patch and microfiber.

Left shoulder pocket: Pencil and notepad

Right shoulder pocket: Bottle of hand sanitizer

Left sleeve pockets: A pair of black pens

Yeh, I carry a lot. >.>

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