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Me and two other bronies are developing a Visual Novel set in an alternate Equestria, where Discord wins and everypony but the mane 6 is 'Discorded' (we had a four hour discussion about the plot, characters, etc. I can post it if you want.) Basically, some things we made canon are:

1) It's anthro

2) Music prevents the Discordation (Ocatavia and Vinyl are still sane)

3) You can play as all the mane 6, so that you get the full story only by playing them all

4) Discord and Gilda are in it

So basically we need:

1) Writers, we only have one

2) Artists. Remember, it's anthro

3) Musicians

4) Programmers, I can do the basics in Ren'Py* but we need a GUI and might need some advanced stuff

5) Any other jobs that someone could think of

Can you tell I like lists?

Now I know most fan projects never get off the ground, but I think this could work. And I hope that we can get some more support to help so that we can make this.

So if you think you can help in any way, jump in.


*We aren't necessarily using Ren'Py, I just have some experience in it

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