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Hello there, I'm a new guy to the server but a long time brony. I recently made an OC pony as well and I need one last thing for him to be set and ready to go. I need a cutie mark, preferably one on a blank background. Now I do not ask this for nothing, that would be quite rude and not very friendly at all. No, I want to trade. I am studying to be a creative writer for entertainment, and would be very willing to offer story services for any characters you have in any way you want them to interact... Saying this aloud it doesn't seem all that enticing, but I promise to edit and revise it until you are satisfied with it's contents, and I will do my utmost to make an interesting and compelling read for them. Thank you for your consideration and I hope to- WAIT! I need to describe the darn thing first dont I? Ok, please note that I might only make a story for one person, so don't go making this unless I agree to you making it... I know that sounds rude, but I don't want to go writing for a bunch of people all day long. Anyhow, here it goes: the mark consists of three parts, a magic circle with a grimoire lying in the center that bears an image of an herb. The magic circle has a few runes and whatnot around it and the grimoir is a brownish color (i would make it myself if not for my shaky hands and lack of a useable mouse or drawing program on my computer) I hope to be hearing from someone soon, and will be very grateful when I do. Thank you, whoever might read this, for your time (also here is a pic of my oc so you know what the color of my flank is)

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10 hours ago, Square said:


Something tells me that you, at some point, owned this software and are now downloading it again, meaning that it is perfectly acceptable and not in violation of anything.

Thank you for this... now to figure out how to configure it to work on mac!


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Considering the nature of the topic I'll be moving it into the "Trade Ya!" subsection. Have a lovely day!

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