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Hello I was wondering if you can make my OC Joystick Spark Please and thank you


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Can I get a pixel pic of my OC Ghost? He's a male and an adult, his fur is a dark purple similar to the color of the shadowbolts costumes, and his hair is silver in color, finally, his eyes are a very light blue in color. His cutie mark is an M9 bayonet with a metal colored blade and army green colored grip. I would love to see what you could do for him, and maybe if you could, put him into a full set of black odst armor like my profile picture that would be amazing! (there is a pic of him, the cutie mark (you can draw it as you see fit, it doesn't have to be exact), and my profile pic if you just so happen to do the armor or not, I know it will be insanely difficult seeing its pixel and all, but id love it if you could)





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