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Interdimensional affairs

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Inspired by ideas from Gen 5

In this scenario, each pony and sentient and saipaint creature has their own world and dimension. Each with their culture and kingdom and ruler, aside from a few individuals. Such as Twilight and the The Circle of Almagest. 



Unicorn World. A meadow landscape world inspired by celts.

Pegasi World: a landscape silmar to Aegean sea lands with culture inspired by ancient greece with a mount Olympus like capital. 

Earth Pony World: A highland landscape still deciding the culture.

The Empty World(Equestria): A lush world that is uninhabited and is ripe for the dimensional unity. 

Dragon World:  Cherry blossom inspired along Korean peninsula like landscapes (Ancient Korea) The dragon race is ruled by a class system the elites are winged dragons and Longmas.

Grootslang World: Inspired by the  industrial age. As well as steampunk culture and finally "The British Empire" The Grootslang are well aware of the many dimensions and the government intends to incorporate them all in a Inter dimensional colonial empire. The agents of this plot are "The Circle of Almagest "



Cloudsdale: On the top of the largest mountain and the capital of the Pegasi.

Nar Adamant: The neon city and capital of Dragon world, below them is the slums essentially where earth dragons and water dragons fight against the class regime.

Almagest: Capital of the Grootslang, airships and industrialized \Steampunk London like. General Ossus is the leader of the Grootslang military, despite being the smallest of his species.



Again this is just brainstorming. 

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