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Everfree Northwest

Cutie Mark Headline

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“From a young age I always loved reading the Everfree Press. I would wake up every morning and run downstairs to read it after my parents were done with it. I started writing for my school newspaper when I was around Sharpie’s age, but wasn’t very good at first. I couldn’t write any articles the other fillies and colts wanted to read. I almost gave up, but then I read an interview about a newspony that was retiring from the Everfree Press. He talked about how perseverance and working hard got him to where he was today. I was inspired and wrote an amazing story covering each of the main interests ponies had in our school like cooking, art, and music! It was after the story was published and my classmates praised me for my work that my cutie mark appeared! Since then I’ve made it my life’s work to write the best stories possible, and that’s what I’m doing now for the Everfree Press!”

Art credit:

  • Brohoof 1

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