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G3.5 Past generation OCs was there any ? YES !

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Have you thought that ponysonas OCs are something from the FIM era?

Nope !

They where there from the start of MLP.

So here is my OC out from the G3 generation, he is named Windsor.

"He wears tie, has a nice zebra mohikan. One eye
is brown and one is blue. He has freckles."

Not made by me, he was made by Eferia in -07, an at that time incredibly skilled and experienced OC maker.

Just look at the painted eyes.....

She have made a lot of amazing OC ponys.

So even before the dawn of FIM the making of OCs where in full swing...








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Considering that you could design your own Pony in the Generation 2 Game " Friendship Gardens ", its no surprise that there were Oc Characters back in the day. But anyway, nice G3 Pony.^^

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Custom ponies or OC's have existed a long time, it's how a lot of us developed our creativity, through the toy. There are lots of people who customize pony. I myself have quite a few I've done over the years.

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