G3.5 Past generation OCs was there any ? YES !

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Have you thought that ponysonas OCs are something from the FIM era?

Nope !

They where there from the start of MLP.

So here is my OC out from the G3 generation, he is named Windsor.

"He wears tie, has a nice zebra mohikan. One eye
is brown and one is blue. He has freckles."

Not made by me, he was made by Eferia in -07, an at that time incredibly skilled and experienced OC maker.

Just look at the painted eyes.....

She have made a lot of amazing OC ponys.

So even before the dawn of FIM the making of OCs where in full swing...








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Considering that you could design your own Pony in the Generation 2 Game " Friendship Gardens ", its no surprise that there were Oc Characters back in the day. But anyway, nice G3 Pony.^^

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Custom ponies or OC's have existed a long time, it's how a lot of us developed our creativity, through the toy. There are lots of people who customize pony. I myself have quite a few I've done over the years.

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Never been into ponies prior to G4, but it would be foolish to assume there weren't OCs, and other forms of fan content we have in FIM fandom. Maybe not as wide spread, but that'd be more because the internet wasn't as accessible back then. At least before G3 :D

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