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Answer The Love Question Above You!

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Hey, don't look at me, this was @Hierok's idea.  This is basically like the Mega Thread "Answer The Question Above You" but with a twist: you're only allowed to post love/romance/shipping questions

I do! It's kinda long, though... What is your favorite pick up line?

Nah... @Lucky Bolt x @Cyclone 1066 OTP! What ship should I make fanart for next?  And by "fanart" I mean "randomly throw two characters into this clipart ship together".

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I’ve learned just how much I suck at romance and just this whole girlfriend thing in general. Honestly don’t know how I’m still in a relationship at this point. 

Do you think platonic relationships last longer than romantic ones? 

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That we are not really into each other and we are living lies

how often have you found  yourself fishing for a girl or a boy

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Never. I’ve never been the type to be so desperate I guess. I’d rather be forever alone than be forever fishing for a partner. And besides, I wouldn’t be alone when I got friends.


Same question?


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When I was younger, all the time. Now not so much, I don't really have the time to balance a relationship along with school and work.

Do you find yourself falling for people easily?

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Yep. Too often for my liking to be honest. When around these people I just keep these feelings to myself though. 

How long ago was your last relationship? 

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A few days ago I would have said I'm only romantically attracted to women, but I met somebody online recently and now I'm questioning that :blush: I regret not adding him to my friends list before he went offline. I can't remember his name.


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I like my females the way I like my rulers. Straight. It reduces the risks of being cheated on with pretty much ANYPONY.

On your note, eh, don't feel ashamed about that, it happens and is ok, so no biggie. Happened to me once.

Same question once again?

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