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Hello everyone, i am Velgarn, creator of a free pen and paper RPG called Seeds of Harmony, which is based on the MLP show with a strong fantasy influence, for those who wants to play to a more adventurous level. (Don't worry if i post here, i've asked the permission to Staff Members on the Discord)



While Seeds of Harmony has a more serious approach about adventuring, combat ad spells, it also allows a good character customization, thats to the 9 playable races on the core ruleset, who are often not covered in other similar games or simply ignored for the more common ones, such as the Earth/Pony/Pegasus/Unicorn, the game allows you to also play as a Mule, Donkey, Minotaur, Griffin and even a Night Pegasus (or Bat Pony) , while the Pony Edition also adds the new races from the movie such as Hippogriff (pre Storm King), Catfolk, Lizardfolk and also the rules for Crystal Ponies (Pre King Sombra).
The game has both simple and advanced rules, so people can decide which to use and how many. Base Rules are about how Skills works, how performing Checks based on characteristics and other values and also how combat works, and that's all. Still there are also more complex rules for those who wants them, because i also seen many times people starting a more simple game system only for starting to brew new rules for situations or actions not coveredat all.
It took me 4 years to finish the game and i used all my experience on various game systems such as Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Basic, Vampires: The Masquerade, Sine Requie, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Dark Heresy.


Dice System:
The Game uses both d20 and d100 for the important rolls. WHile the d20 is only used to Hit/Dodge/Parry or to perform a Counter Check, the d100 is used for most of the other rolls, such as Skill Checks, Morale, chance of obtaining a Critical Hit, Cover and Concealment. The oder dice mentioned (d3, d6 and d10) are only used for Damage or duration of certain effects, spells etcetera.




Core Ruleset or Pony Edition:
In the original idea the game was only based on anthropomorphic characters, for the simple reason that a humanoid shape and posture is better suited for the type of adventures we are used to see and play, plus they have hands wichi is a huge advantage compared to hooves. Still, after two years i then decided to also make the Pony Edition, since not everyone like the idea of anthropomorphic creatures and just want to play as colorful talking equines, so i made the additional .pdf document for them. The fun fact is that the Core Mechanics are the same, and the Pony Edition simply adapt some situations for equine races, such as being no longer able to hold weapons with the hands (since there are none) etcetera. Even so, those races who are already anthropomorphic can still use the Core Rules (Catfolk, Lizardfolk and Minotaurs).
Another difference is that the Core Ruleset uses a custom setting or "Alternate Universe", while Pony Edition is more oriented on only what seen in the show


Character Creation and  Progression:
In SoH there are no Classes such as many rpgs out there, but Careers. A Career name isn't important per se, but the type of career is, since it indicates what the Career does.
So for example you can be a Warrior, a Duelist or an adventurer and all those careers are based on Combat, so the Career type will be that.
The Career type also allows you to "buy" feats who allows you to do stuff, from being more competent in a certain weapon, being more sneaky or even cast spells. 
Is still possible to acquire feats from different careers, but the cost will be higher and not all feats or their relative upgrade would be available, so each career will have access to a better version of a certain feat while others only the basis. Feats are obtained by spending Character Points, who are basically the game experience who is assigned by the GM at the end of a game session (usually from 5 to 15).
Skills are another important aspect of the game and are increased simply by succesfully using them and obtaining a Success. Every 5 successes, you increase the relative skill rank by 1. So even skills your character has few or no ranks at all could be increased, as long as the GM allows you to do so, but many are also limited upon your character's education (Education level is considered a feat aquired during character creation).


Downloadable Material and helping the Game:
All the Rulebooks, Character sheets, pre-made Adventurers, Sketches, and even some Tokens to use can be found here
I decided to use tumbrl just for having a page where to post the link and being able to also add the updates, post drawings etcetera.

Note 1: that since English isn't my first language, there would be probably some grammar errors and typos, plus the documents have a very simple layout. I am the only one who is working on this long project and i would grlady get some help from those who are interested, even simple feedback about games played using those rules.

Note 2: Not everything has been translated at 100%, but the core ruleset can be used without problems, since i reduced the amount of spells and feats, items and such, but i'm slowly translating everything, but remember that i am alone, so have patience unless i get some extra help.



That's not how you spell Generosity. The Game is free.




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What's Next:

Since i work on the game in my free time, the next things coming are some more feats, more spells, more npcs and creatures stats and also i'll add the scenarios to play certain events seen in the Show (and the movie), such as the War on Sombra, the Canterlott Wedding Invasion, the Storm King Siege etcetera.

And maybe some more sketches, who knows

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