Winter Themed MLP Art

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Hey, it's been a long time since I've posted here but I'm still alive and kicking.

I wanted to post some of my winter art and zodiac MLP art that I've been drawing lately. Hope you guys enjoy it! :3

G4 Snowcatcher and G3 Snowflake having a Snowball Fight while Snowy Fur from Pretty Kitty is playing in the snow. Snow Day at Ponyville and Equestria! :pinkie:



I made the January Birthflower Pony Art(I know it's February so it's a month late) in 2016 at Deviantart so I'm posting both versions of Carnation, a G1 January Birthflower Pony.

USA Version


Australian Version



A Chibi Anthro Blue Belle from G1 Collector Ponies because why not since the stars can be seen better at winter(depending on the location).



This one I started a G1 Zodiac MLP Art from last year on Deviantart but I only made two so far. This one is Capricorn as her zodiac is December 21 to January 20 and I added the horns and mermaid like tail. I know there's already made Zodiac MLP fanart but I mostly seen the FIM versions, not the previous Gens and I couldn't find any of them which is why I decided to make my own.



So there you have it! A Winter Themed MLP art(even though it's a month late for me to post it here) for all Bronies/Pegasisters/MLP fans you to enjoy. :3

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