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NightWing now colored. Father of Star Shine.

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Crystal Frost had a habit of straying into the woods in the day, however as she got older, she grew a habit of. sneaking off, late at night, on her own. in the woods, Late one night, the sky lit by the light of the pale blue moon. The chilly autumn wind blew rustling the last few leaves still stuck to the branches of the trees, she quickly woke up to a strange faint sound off in the distance. Quietly getting up off her rock, as not to make a sound to wake her father, resting on a large rock a meter away from hers. she follows the trail that leads to the sound and disappears into the thick of the woods.

the stars shine bright in a moon light sky that let off an elegant glow to the forest ground. As if to be in a trance, she follows the sound, as it grows, the voices become clearer, Quickly snapping out of the trance, she starts to panic and hides behind a bush.

''We must keep clear of this part of the outlands.'' NightWing warning the guards '' it has been said, ponies foolish to go to the outlands never return.'' 

the two guards nodded and flew off in the night sky.. Crystal fearful of the story, believing it to be true, slunk her head down, keeping her eye on the bat like pony, backing away quietly, Snap, the fear surged through her, fearing it was the creature that takes ponies, she turned tail and ran.

NightWing  hearing the running sound mistaking it of a lost pony, quickly chased after the pony...  Shouting  ''wait !  it is not safe!''   

Crystal fearing that the pony snatcher was after her,, kept on running, taking a quick look behind her she stumbles on a tree root sticking out of the ground  in the path,  Quickly she scrambles to her feet, however her foot is caught in the old twisted roots. Tears fill her eyes, her heart ponding in fear,  she covers her body with her wings hoping the pony snatcher will not notice..  

Under the pale blue light of the moon, Nightwing Sees a green like Image in the distance, as he quietly walks closer, "'I'm not her to Hurt you, I'm here to help, its not safe in these woods.''  

Crystal eyes soaked in tears, lifts her wing..  The Guard sees her leg caught in the twisted roots using his Sword he chops at the roots to help set her leg  free.. As Crystal gets up, the blue light shines, the Guard clouded in his head,  not sure, was it a pony, or a dragon, she looks like both, but that is impossible. He felt something he never felt before. 

"'What is you name'' Midnight asked the pony dragon like creature... 

The fear of the Pony snatcher drifted out of her head,  and a new fear emerged..  Her father warned her about ponies and dragons, however this creature did not look like a pony or a dragon, it looked a bat pony like creature of some kind.  However she felt something she never felt before... 

Looking at him, under a moon lit sky,  lifting her head where he can clearly see her face Bravely replies ''Crystal Frost'' 

She quickly turns runs off into the woods and disappears under the light of a moon lit sky, as her reflection fades into the forest. 

OMG i just finished the story how Crystal Frost met her one true love.... And guess what... Ironically getting in over my head i drew their Daughter.  Had a bunch of names to choose from however my.. there were a lot of names to choose from  My daughter chosen Star Shine...




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added Updated Nightwing

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