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Bonus Suggestion: Everfree Sings Songs From The Greatest Showman 🎩

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There’s no shortage of musically talented people in the Brony fandom. There’s not many movie musicals whose soundtracks had us squealing with such delight. And this year, a group of gifted Bronies and Pegasisters, will bring an abridged version of the biggest smash since Hamilton, to the Mane Stage.
Featuring the songs from the movie, sung by famous personalities from our great fandom, you’ll laugh and cry and cheer as you witness fabulous singing and dancing and... what’s that? The hotel probably won’t let us set up a trapeze act? Darn it
Well aside from that obviously missing factor (maybe Zac Effron and Zendaya 2.0 can just make flighty motions like Pegasi), it’s sure to be the most wonderful spectacle Everfree has ever put on.
Or, here’s a thought for a set of potential lyrics for a song to go with the opening skit
Verse 1:
Fillies and colts this is the con that you’ve waited for
(Thump - thump thump)
Been trotting through the dark
All year you’ve been feeling bored
(Thump - thump thump)
And buried in your heart
are the elements you can’t ignore
(thump) laughter and loyalty
(thump) honesty generosity
(thump) kindness and magic
Yes there all here you gotta see
Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya
Starting right now
It’s only 3 days
Don’t care what comes after
Your pony dreams
Can’t ya see
Getting closer
Just surrender cause ya feel the friendship taking over
It’s rainbows and sunshine and lots of laughing
It’s the panels and the singing
Don’t forget the dancing
Let go of your ridged ways and blind composure
All that ya know
Tell me do ya wanna go
Where it’s covered in stunning rainbow lights
Where the Ponies 
Are run of the night
Where we party until dawn
And we have loads of fun
(Oh, this is the greatest con)
We light it up
We won’t come down
And the rain won’t stop us now
Your friends are all here
Filled with a bunch of cheer
(Oh, this is the greatest con)
Verse 2:
Voice acting and writing and costumes if that’s your thing
And there’s even some panels where we might explore anime
Don’t fight the fun it’s coming for ya
Starting right now
It’s only 3 days
Don’t care what comes after
You’re high as Pinkie Pie on unfiltered caffeine
(Awkward pause)
(Same except in place of
Where we party until dawn
And we have loads of fun
It would say
Where we forge bonds for lifetime
And have an awesome time)
It’s all the ponies you could want
And all the friendship you can dream
And it’s here right in front of you
This is where you wanna be
(This is where you wanna be——)
Person playing Hugh Jackman’s part walks off stage as the chorus is sung as in the movie.
Ashleigh and Andrea run out:
Andrea in an excited Pinkie squeal: “THIS IS THE GREATEST CON!”
Ashleigh finishes the song, playing Zac Effron’s part
For finale, instead of This is the greatest con
Confetti cannons go off and shower the audience with rainbows and sparkles and tons of glittery crap and it’s wonderful
I have no idea how to ponify the other songs.
If a full performance of the songs from Greatest Showman is a possibility, I’d suggest simply doing them in their natural state. If doing a song to close out the opening ceremonies sounds better, I’d suggest doing a pony parody (feel free to use or adapt this if you wish). Either way, I nominate Dr. Wolf to play Hugh Jackman (he might have a little trouble on the higher notes, but I can see him putting his own wondrous spin on it).
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