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  1. 2. Like or dislike?

    • Boulder: "Maud's boyfriend stinks." (I HATE IT! >__<)
    • Maud: "This episode's the most basic of jokes." (I dislike it.)
    • Pinkie: "Eh. I've seen better!" (…meh…)
    • Gummy: "Maud's boyfriend rocks." (I like it!)
    • Pinkie *to Gilda*: "Great! ^__^" (I LOVE IT! <3)

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I sure was a bit surprised to see Pinkie mad at somepony, but the episode was enjoyable. Although this wasn't her first time being angry at somepony else,(she was furious at RD for not eating her pies) I'm always quite amused when Pinkie shows emotions other than pure joy. I really like moments like those because it makes the character feel more real, and also just because they're hilarious! :love: Pinkie doing weird stuff is funny, when it's done right.:mlp_smug:

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