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Grannies Gone Wild  

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    • Dash: "The roller coaster's more boring than the school under EEA guidelines!" ("I HATE IT!" >__<)
    • Granny Smith: *looses teeth from the roller coaster and needs to get new ones* ("I dislike it.")
    • Granny: "I'd rather go to the Old Gentlemen's Club." *Goldie Delicious's cats agree* ("…meh…")
    • Granny Smith: *keeps her teeth from the roller coaster and gets a golden smile as a reward* ("I like it.")
    • Dash: "This coaster's so amazing!" ("I LOVE IT!" <3)

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6 minutes ago, Megas said:

Thing is they're perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. There was even a comic addressing this

Perhaps, but Rainbow Dash had no reason (initially) to know that. Without having witnessed the events of "Somepony to Watch Over Me", she would have had no reason to question Applejack's rules.

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  • 7 months later...

I am not quite sure what the lesson of this Episode was but if it wasnt supposed to contain one and just was trying to be entertaining, than it did its job. The Episode was fine, i enjoyed it.

The Humor of the old Ladies actually surprised me, didnt thought they would joke around like that in a My Little Pony cartoon. :laugh:

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On 6/17/2021 at 4:26 PM, Reason for Cancellation said:

I am not quite sure what the lesson of this Episode was...

It seems like it was pretty obviously supposed to be that not all old people are so feeble that they need to be treated like babies. The problem is that it paints Rainbow Dash as selfish for wanting to slip away to ride the roller coaster, but if one applies the aforementioned moral, then she was doing the old mares no harm by doing so.

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  • 2 months later...

Watching this one for the first time.  Favorite moments (I pause and type them here as they occur):

- Spitfire and Fleetfoot playing chess on the Wild Blue Yonder roller coaster.  Fun fact: that term, "The Wild Blue Yonder" comes from the official song of the United States Air Force.

- A terrified Angel Bunny riding on Rainbow Dash's back

- AJ lassos Dash's tail.  Am I forgetting something, or is it true that the only character AJ EVER lassos is Dash?  How many times has she done this, btw?  Fodder for the Appledash crowd.

- The grannies come with written instructions, including what/when to eat.  Like they're fucking Gremlins.  Or Alan from The Hangover.

- The whole "roller coaster built into a hotel" thing is a reference to the real world "Big Apple Coaster" which sits atop the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas.  I rode this coaster in 2000, when it was called The Manhattan Express.

- Dash used her left wing as a hand, of sorts, when she pulled out the itinerary.  I've never seen her or any other Pegasus do this before.  Makes sense, I guess.  At least as much sense as Pinkie sprouting fingers from her hoof, right?

- Derp Cat judges the shit out of Rainbow Dash

- Spooky AJ ghost reminding Dash of what not to do.  We now have two episodes this season where terrible stereotypes of the Mane 6 show up as Dickensian guilt ghosts.

- Granny Smith's nachos look frackin' amazing.  With jalapeños, as is good and proper.

- Wait, so is DJ Pon3 the only DJ in all of Equestria?  She just *poof* appears in Las Pegasus to do a show, and nobody comments on it.

- Horny old ladies, and Dash's reaction: "so gross."  Jealous, perhaps?

- "Well, fish-flavored kitten kittle" is apparently a saying.  Gonna use this one at work, next time someone gives me a lame excuse about why they messed something up. 

- Annoyed by the ending: they got pics of Dash riding the coaster, but never showed her adding them to the cork board alongside the other Wonderbolts pics.

It was a fun episode, if terribly formulaic.  Granny Smith got to let her hair down (figuratively and literally) for once.  The "most irresponsible" character being forced to be responsible is a classic setup, and she inevitably overdoes it.  Also, I'm now hungry for nachos.  Good job, DHX.

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