Horse Play  

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    • Twilight: *screams* "I can't take it anymore! It was supposed to be a simple play! Just one simple play! And then everything goes wrong, from the stage to the props, right down to the WORST LEAD ACTRESS IN EQUESTRIAAAA!!" (I HATE IT! >__<)
    • Twilight *strains smile*: "YyyyyyEEEEAAAH!!" Spike *to On Stage*: "Now THAT'S the best acting we've seen all day." (I dislike it!)
    • Audience oohs and ahhs as the sun is raised during the play; Luna, on the other hand, grumbles. (…meh…)
    • On Stage: "My goodness! I had no idea this production would have such elaborate special effects!" (I like it!)
    • Celestia prances around the renovated Throne Room like a little filly. (I LOVE IT! <3)

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I just rewatched this episode, and ho-LY ...CRAP, I just noticed something awesome that totally slipped by me the first....uh... 6 times or so...  :laugh:



Right?  :pinkie:  You see that?!


BOOM!  Right there!  LOL!  Luna be pissed that Tia raised the sun like that!  :laugh:

She be like:


And you just know she also be pissed that her beautiful night got cut short.


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