Storm Soldiers Vs. Changeling Swarm: Who Takes Canterlot?

Storm Kingdom Vs. Changeling Swarm  

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  1. 1. Who wins and takes Canterlot?

    • Chrysalis And The Changelings
    • Tempest And The Storm Creatures

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We've seen that both Tempest and Chrysalis lead their respective forces in capturing Canterlot. Chrysalis managed to take the city while under high alert in broad day light. While Tempest managed to capture all three (and eventually four) princesses in quick succession.

But say in an alternate timeline, both forces invaded Canterlot on the same day.  Who would win the battle between the Storm and Changeling Kingdoms and who would take Canterlot at the end of it all? 

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I was thoroughly underwhelmed by the Storm King and his troops, so I'd say Chrysalis and her army would mop the floor with them, especially given their talent for subterfuge by transforming into Storm Soldiers or even Tempest.

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Posted (edited)

Considering Changelings can fool you, they can win in the long run.

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It depends. Storm side is capable of dishing out and tanking way more damage than lings. I'd also imagine that this would be one single battle where both sides would be fairly grouped together in a relatively enclosed area. That's bad for lings, especially since Storms are equipped with detachable spears and shields that cannot be mimicked. And Tempest has her magic to prove she's herself.


Lings are theoretically good assassins, but they actually suck real bad when they are not doing their thing off-screen. It's vague and off-screen cause they are to lame for audience to buy the animated struggle. Too many questions. But Goat-kun ... sleep ... Yeah, that puts them on the same level as baby snatchers.

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