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Technology Smart TV or streaming device?

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If you have one, what type do you have (Roku, Chromecast, smart TV, etc)? What services do you tend to use the most on it?

I have a 32" Insignia smart TV, with Roku as the built-in platform. I use Netflix and Plex mostly. I use Plex to connect to my brother's home-hosted media server, which loads pretty fast considering he has 1Gbps fiber.

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My TV is kind-of "smart", but I do not use those functions. I just use a PC connected to that TV. Or some other video source, like a VCR or a laserdisc player. I also have an IPTV STB that I use to watch live TV. Other than live TV (and live TV archive), I watch files or recordings on physical media.

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I watch streaming shows on PS4. I get Netflix, VRV and Prime Video (which sucks) for a few more days until it expires. That’s about all I need it for.

I prefer to do most of my viewing on dvd or even my old VHS tapes. There's a lot of rare stuff there that I can't get anywhere else. 

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Smart TV? Streaming services? No such thing here. Only internet I can get is tethering 4g lte off my phone.

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