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Most petty you've seen or done

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This is what a newbie said to me once:

*she ruins her nail* Ah! My nail, the stupid horse ruined my nail!

Me: You'll work with animals literally everyday, your nails are the least of your worries.

Her: b-but my nail! Do you have any idea how long it takes to get these nails perfect?!

Me: *sighs* how did you even make it pass the academy?

Probably the most petty thing I ever heard 

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I girl at a school a long time ago used to take her little entourage and pick on an unpopular girl, calling her a lesbian and trying to embarrass her. So I went up to this bully chick and pretended I was her lesbian girlfriend in front of her rotten group, which made her feel uncomfortable with her own friends. It was lame, petty and dishonest of me, but she didn't need to single out an easy target and bully her. 

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