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I'm taking requests now!


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After thinking about taking commissions for quiet a while,
I've decided to give it a try to improve my drawing skill
and get to talk with the community.



So, if you want me to draw a Character or or background for you,
just give me a description / Sketch of what you want me to draw and I'll
try my best to draw it for you.

Answers to questions you may have:

How much will it cost?
Nothing. I'm doing this just to improve my drawing ability.

What do my drawings look like?

A character: https://imgur.com/QL2iH8B

A Background: https://imgur.com/H9aWTT3


Everyone who gives a commission will be put in queue,
I may have to close commissions temporarily if there are
too many requests.

I'll make a Video of how I draw your commissions if I get
enough to fill 15 minutes and upload it on YT once I'm
done with it (Channel doesn't exist yet).

If you want to know how my progress is going with drawing,
just ask and I'll give you a imgur link to a Screenshot of my progress.

When I'm finished with the completed Picture, I'll give you
a imgur link as well.

Please Note: I haven't drawn that much yet, so I won't be able to
draw a extremly detailed picture for you.

I won't draw EqG characters because I'm very bad at drawing

humanoids and just get frustrated about it.


This is my first time taking commissions, so if you have
any advice or idea for improvements for me, just tell me.


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  • The title was changed to I'm taking requests now!


Just letting you know that I edited the title of your topic. We make a clear distinction between requests and commissions, and considering that commissions do involve the transfer of cash, I needed to change that.

Carry on. :)

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Sorry it took me so Long, but I had several Tests in the last weeks, so I sadly couldn't work at full work efficiency...


I haven't finished the Requests yet, but I've inked my sketches so you can see what the finished Pictures

will look like and tell me if you like it or not and if I should change something on them.


To Califorum: Sorry, I wasn't able to draw your Request :(  :( 

I'm really bad at drawing humanoids for some reason, and became very frustrated with it so I gave up.

I think I won't draw any more EqG characters at all, I'm too unqualified for that.


To Capper: https://imgur.com/pSjbVvi (Your Griffon was very satisfying to draw, actually a lot easier than I thought it would be!)

I just would like to know how she's colored because I don't have colorized Pictures of her.


To Vintjack Greasymane: https://imgur.com/x8UcixY


To Techno Universal: https://imgur.com/0Q41zwN

(Portrayed capeless, because I always wanted to draw a alicorn inflight.)


Hope you like it :) 



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