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Story Description: When Trixie makes a lewd remark to Starlight Glimmer during their 'medal of honor' celebration, Starlight blasts the showmare into the next room in an effort to shut her up. Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension but also Princess Luna.

While Starlight is panicking back in Equestria, Trixie and Luna discover that they did not turn into humans upon passing through the mirror portal. Instead, they are now fillies.

Saturdays suck.


This was a fun one to do, I must say.

EDIT: I seem to have lost track of the 'embed' button for youtube videos here on these forums... where did it go? :D

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Actually I went ahead a fixed it for yah. All you have to do is past the YouTube link in your post and it will automatically embed it for yah. :)

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Ah, thank you for that! ^^ Haven't used these forums in a long time, so I'm a little, shall we say, out of the loop if there have been any format adjustments.

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