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Request Want some art of my new next gen baby!


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I'd love to get some art of my new baby. He the son of nightmare rarity and midnight sparkle. I'd be happy with any art and multiple pieces if i can.

He has wings like midnight sparkle but slightly curly, if you don't want to draw them that's fine. He like to wear his hair in a ponytail but you can do it down to.

Hair down:


Hair ina  pony:



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16 minutes ago, Ezerona said:

You're welcome ^_^ I enjoyed it, gives me practice! 

Glad you had fun drawing him my only gripe would be his eyes (the sclera is a blue colour) but other than that it is amazing!!! 

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45 minutes ago, Ezerona said:

I'm glad, I really am I'd draw anything for you, I really am inspired by your art >W< 

Oh my god thank you so much!!!:pinkie: If you want anything drawn just give me a shout too!! I'm really happy you get inspiration from my art.:lol:

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