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(Rapper Needed) Wanna be on the next Brilliant Venture record? Inquire within ;)

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How's it goin' fellow pony folk? :D

After watching the latest EQG movie "Forgotten Friendship" I decided to remix Daniel Ingram's latest track "Invisible." (Wallflower Blush's song in the movie.)

This time, I've decided to go a tad bit "off-book" from my usual work, and I've created what can only be described as a 90's-esque electro-funk-hop track!

Think Quincey Jones meets Junkie XL.


Long story short, the instrumental is pretty much finished, and I'm looking for an experienced rapper, to provide vocals for a couple of short segments in the song!

Requirements are as follows:

1.A good quality microphone/good recording abilities

2.Ability to rap with a decent amount of speed while maintaining the integrity of the individual words.

If you fit the track, I'll send you the vocals, and instrumental, and we can discuss the collab details one-on-one!

If interested, please send a sample of your work (current or prior) to!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from you soon! ^_^ 

Keep on Pony-ing on!


(PS. The rap sections are clean, with no questionable lyrics or anything remotely lewd or foul. Just in case anyone wondered! :) )

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