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Everfree Northwest

Pre-Con Volunteer Positions are Open for EFNW!

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Hey everypony! We’re back again to tell you about a few exciting pre-con positions that we need filled here at Everfree Northwest! When working a pre-con position you most of your volunteer work done before the convention, giving you plenty of time to run around and experience all of the fun during the event.
We are looking for a hard working and smart pony to take on the role of Applications Lead! As Applications Lead, you’ll be in charge of moving, approving, and denying staff applications and managing our staff directory.
Along with these responsibilities, you’ll also be in charge of the following:
  • Receiving applications as they are submitted.
  • Ensuring applications are sent to each applicable department for approval or rejection.
  • Working closely with department Directors to ensure applications are organized and no applying staffer is left behind.
  • Creating user accounts for every approved staff applicant.
  • Making sure each staff member creates a page with useful personal information during the selection process.
  • Making sure each staff member is added to the staff mailing list and newsletter.
  • Making sure the Open Positions page on our website remains updated.
  • Consulting each department to determine number of staff positions needed for the year.
  • Ensuring that new and superfluous positions are not created without proper descriptions.
  • Working with our Sub-Event Lead to advertise and recruit in unreachable areas.
We’re also looking for a few articulate ponies to help out with announcement writing for our public relations team. As announcement writing staff (or announcements lead), you will be responsible for helping put together information for posts just like the one you’re viewing now!
Responsibilities of announcement writing staff include:
  • Check Public Relations Calendar for announcement requests from staff.
  • Schedule/approve announcements, ensuring each has adequate time in the public view before the next.
  • Stagger application and contests openings.
  • Post announcements to all social media outlets simultaneously (DeviantArt, Facebook, MLPForums, Twitter, Tumblr).
  • Contact social media sites outside of EFNW prior to the announcement going live (Equestria Daily, Horse News, etc.).
  • Provide final proofing of announcements before posting.
If these jobs sounds like something you feel you would be good at, head on over to to apply today! If those ones aren’t calling your name, maybe another position will! Read about the several other open positions on our volunteer page to see where you can help out with Everfree Northwest this year.
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